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Accuris SmartCheck 50bp DNA Ladder, 500ul / 100 lanes

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CAT ID: PR4005-100

MFR PART #: PR4005-100

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Benchmark Scientific - PR4005-100

Accuris SmartCheck 50bp DNA Ladder, 500ul / 100 lanes

Product Description:

The Accuris SmartCheck 50bp DNA Ladder by Benchmark Scientific is a reliable tool designed for molecular biology applications. With a volume of 500ul, it offers up to 100 lanes for convenient use. This DNA ladder is crucial for sizing DNA fragments precisely on agarose gels in the range of 50 to 1000 base pairs. The ladder provides clear and easy-to-read band patterns, ensuring accurate analysis of DNA samples. It is ideal for a wide range of molecular biology techniques such as PCR, restriction digests, and cloning. The Accuris SmartCheck DNA ladder saves time and effort in the laboratory by allowing quick visualization of DNA bands, aiding researchers in their analysis and interpretation of experimental results. Trust in the quality and precision of the Accuris SmartCheck DNA ladder for your research needs.


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