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TC 9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler with multiformat block with EU Plug

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CAT ID: T5000-96-E

MFR PART #: T5000-96-E

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Weight: 21.6 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - T5000-96-E

TC 9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler with multiformat block with EU Plug

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific TC 9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler offers precise temperature control for PCR applications. Featuring a multiformat block, this cycler accommodates various tube sizes, increasing versatility. The EU Plug ensures compatibility in European settings. With rapid heating and cooling rates, this cycler reduces waiting time during PCR experiments. The gradient function allows for optimization of annealing temperatures across the block, enhancing efficiency. The user-friendly interface makes programming easy, saving time in the lab. Ideal for research labs, diagnostic facilities, and academic institutions, the TC 9639 facilitates reliable and reproducible PCR amplification. Upgrade your molecular biology workflows with this efficient thermal cycler.


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