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Block, 35x1.5ml, for MultiTherm Touch

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CAT ID: H5100-15

MFR PART #: H5100-15

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - ThermoMixers - H5100-15

Block, 35x1.5ml, for MultiTherm Touch

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific Block is designed to accommodate 35 tubes of 1.5ml each, tailored for use with the MultiTherm Touch system. This block ensures precise and efficient heating or cooling of samples during various laboratory applications. The robust construction guarantees a secure fit for the tubes, preventing any displacement during operation. Its compatibility with the MultiTherm Touch system enables seamless integration for quick and reliable temperature control. Whether heating reagents for PCR or maintaining samples at a specific temperature, this block offers consistent and uniform heat distribution, essential for accurate experimental results. Enhance your lab's productivity with the Benchmark Scientific Block, a reliable solution for your sample handling needs.

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