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Block, 384 well plate, for MultiTherm Touch

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CAT ID: H5100-384

MFR PART #: H5100-384

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - ThermoMixers - H5100-384

Block, 384 well plate, for MultiTherm Touch

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific 384-well plate block is designed for use with the MultiTherm Touch heating and cooling thermal cycler. This block offers high efficiency in PCR applications, accommodating up to 384 samples at once. The design ensures optimal heat transfer for uniform and accurate temperature control across all wells.

With this 384-well plate block, users can increase their lab's productivity by running a high number of samples simultaneously. The sturdy construction and precise engineering guarantee reliable performance and reproducible results. This block is a versatile tool for various molecular biology techniques, including DNA amplification, cloning, and gene expression analysis.

Investing in the Benchmark Scientific 384-well plate block means investing in efficiency, accuracy, and consistency for your laboratory's high-throughput PCR needs.

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