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Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro) - Pipette Controllers

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CAT ID: 26052

MFR PART #: 26052

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BrandTech Scientific Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro) - Pipette Controllers

Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro) - Pipette Controllers

Product Description:

This 3um membrane filter is designed for use with macro, accu-jet, and pro pipette controllers. Manufactured by BrandTech Scientific, this filter offers precise filtration to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your pipetting tasks. The 3um pore size is ideal for various laboratory applications, providing reliable protection against contamination while maintaining optimal liquid flow.

Compatible with a range of pipette controllers, this membrane filter is easy to install and replace, allowing for seamless workflow in the lab. By incorporating this filter into your pipetting process, you can enhance the purity of your samples and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Whether you are working with aqueous solutions, buffers, or biological samples, this membrane filter is a valuable accessory to have in your laboratory. Trust in the quality and performance of BrandTech Scientific products to support your research endeavors and achieve consistent results with every pipetting procedure.


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