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Ptfe Tubing Antistatic, Nw 16 Kf/1000 Mm

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CAT ID: 686031

MFR PART #: 686031

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Weight: 1 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific Ptfe Tubing Antistatic, Nw 16 Kf/1000 Mm

Ptfe Tubing Antistatic, Nw 16 Kf/1000 Mm

Product Description:

This antistatic PTFE tubing in NW 16 KF/1000 mm size by BrandTech Scientific ensures efficient fluid transfer in laboratory settings. The high-quality PTFE material offers excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The NW 16 KF size allows for a secure connection, preventing leaks and ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, the antistatic properties reduce the risk of static buildup, maintaining sample integrity during transfers. With a length of 1000 mm, this tubing provides flexibility in setup configurations, accommodating various experimental designs. Trust BrandTech Scientific's PTFE tubing for its reliability, durability, and precision in your lab activities.

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