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Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter, 230v

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CAT ID: 688067

MFR PART #: 688067

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BrandTech Scientific Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter, 230v

Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter, 230v

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter is a powerful laboratory vacuum pump designed to meet the demanding needs of modern laboratories. Operating at 230V, this vacuum pump offers reliable performance for various applications such as filtration, aspiration, and vacuum concentration.

With its compact design, the Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter is space-efficient and easy to integrate into lab setups. The pump is equipped with chemical-resistant components, ensuring durability when handling a variety of solvents and chemicals.

This vacuum pump features a quiet operation, creating a conducive working environment in the lab. The adjustable vacuum pressure control allows for precise adjustments based on the specific requirements of the task at hand.

Ideal for biological, chemical, and medical laboratories, the BrandTech Scientific Bvc01 Biochemvacuucenter is a dependable solution for maintaining a consistent vacuum level essential for various applications in the lab.

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