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Re 2.5, 220v, 1 Stage Rotary Vane Pump

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CAT ID: 697150

MFR PART #: 697150

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Weight: 1 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific Re 2.5, 220v, 1 Stage Rotary Vane Pump

Re 2.5, 220v, 1 Stage Rotary Vane Pump

Product Description:

The Re 2.5 1-Stage Rotary Vane Pump by BrandTech Scientific is a reliable and efficient choice for your laboratory vacuum needs. Operating at 220v, this pump offers strong performance in a single stage design. It is ideal for applications requiring a consistent level of vacuum, such as filtration, degassing, and vacuum ovens.

This rotary vane pump is designed to be durable and low maintenance, ensuring long-term usability for your lab. With a compact footprint, it saves valuable space on your workspace while delivering powerful vacuum performance. The pump is easy to operate, making it suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners in the lab environment.

Benefit from the precision and reliability of the BrandTech Scientific Re 2.5 1-Stage Rotary Vane Pump, an essential tool for various laboratory processes where a dependable vacuum source is crucial. Upgrade your lab equipment with this efficient pump that offers consistent vacuum levels to support your research and experiments effectively.

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