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Piston W/O-ring For Tfp 8/12, 0.5-10 uL(old Style)

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CAT ID: 703369

MFR PART #: 703369

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Weight: 2.25 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific Piston W/O-ring For Tfp 8/12, 0.5-10 uL(old Style)

Piston W/O-ring For Tfp 8/12, 0.5-10 uL(old Style)

Product Description:

The Piston W/O-ring designed for Tfp 8/12 pipettes in the 0.5-10 uL range by BrandTech Scientific ensures precise and reliable liquid handling. This piston, suitable for the old-style model, maintains optimal performance due to its high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The included O-ring enhances the seal, preventing leaks and promoting accurate dispensing of microliter volumes. Ideal for various laboratory applications, this component is crucial for achieving reproducible results in experiments requiring small sample volumes. Upgrade your Tfp 8/12 pipette with this piston to maintain its functionality and accuracy, ultimately enhancing your workflow efficiency. Trust in BrandTech Scientific for innovative solutions in lab equipment to meet your research needs with precision and excellence.

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