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Filter, Tfp & Tfp S, 10mL, pack of 25 - Micropipettes

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CAT ID: 704653

MFR PART #: 704653

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BrandTech Scientific Filter, Tfp & Tfp S, 10mL, pack of 25 - Micropipettes

Filter, Tfp & Tfp S, 10mL, pack of 25 - Micropipettes

Product Description:

These Filter Tfp & Tfp S Micropipettes by BrandTech Scientific come in a convenient pack of 25, each with a 10mL capacity. Designed for precision and accuracy, these micropipettes are essential tools in any laboratory setting. The inclusion of filters ensures the purity of your samples and the integrity of your results.

The ergonomic design of these micropipettes makes them comfortable to use for extended periods, reducing hand fatigue and increasing overall efficiency. Whether you are working with liquids that require extra precautions or routine daily procedures, these micropipettes deliver consistent and reliable performance.

The BrandTech Scientific Filter Tfp & Tfp S Micropipettes are suitable for a wide range of applications, including research, pharmaceutical, clinical, and industrial laboratories. Trust in the quality and precision of these micropipettes to streamline your pipetting tasks and enhance the accuracy of your work. Upgrade your laboratory equipment with these reliable micropipettes that are designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory environments.


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