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Flexible Discharge Tube, Coiled, 1-10ml, Disp Ii

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CAT ID: 707923

MFR PART #: 707923

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Weight: 3.5 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific Flexible Discharge Tube, Coiled, 1-10ml, Disp Ii

Flexible Discharge Tube, Coiled, 1-10ml, Disp Ii

Product Description:

The Flexible Discharge Tube by BrandTech Scientific is a versatile accessory designed for the Disp II bottletop dispenser. This coiled tube can handle volumes ranging from 1-10ml with ease, offering precise and controlled dispensing in laboratory settings. The flexibility of the tube enables easy and accurate transfer of liquids from reagent bottles to various vessels.

This Discharge Tube facilitates efficient and convenient dispensing, reducing the risk of spillage or contamination. It is an essential tool for ensuring the smooth and accurate handling of liquids during experiments, sample preparations, or analytical procedures. The coiled design provides flexibility without compromising the integrity of the liquids being transferred.

Enhance your laboratory workflow with the BrandTech Scientific Flexible Discharge Tube, a reliable solution for your liquid handling needs. Trust in the quality and performance of BrandTech Scientific accessories to support your scientific endeavors with precision and efficiency.


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