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Transferpette S 2020+ single channel ejector lower part, 100-1000uL

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CAT ID: 704737

MFR PART #: 704737

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Weight: 0.1 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific - Accessories - 704737

Transferpette S 2020+ single channel ejector lower part, 100-1000uL

Product Description:

The Transferpette S 2020+ single-channel ejector lower part is designed by BrandTech Scientific to provide reliable and precise liquid transfer in the laboratory setting. With a volume range of 100-1000uL, this essential component offers flexibility in handling various sample sizes with accuracy. The ejector feature enhances usability, allowing for efficient and convenient operation during pipetting tasks. Ideal for research, pharmaceutical, and clinical applications, this lower part ensures smooth and consistent dispensing of liquids, contributing to reproducible results. Upgrade your Transferpette S 2020+ with this single-channel ejector lower part to streamline your pipetting processes and improve overall productivity in the lab.

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