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Fuse 5x20 8AT

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CAT ID: 20612374

MFR PART #: 20612374

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Weight: 1.25 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific - Parts - 20612374

Fuse 5x20 8AT

Product Description:

The Fuse 5x20 8AT by BrandTech Scientific is a reliable component designed for protecting electrical circuits. With a current rating of 8A and a 5x20mm size, this fuse offers optimal performance and safety. It is suitable for a variety of applications where circuits need to be safeguarded against overcurrent situations. The 5x20mm dimensions ensure compatibility with standard fuse holders, making it easy to integrate into existing setups. Whether for laboratory equipment, industrial machinery, or electronic devices, this fuse provides essential protection to prevent damage from excessive currents. Trust BrandTech Scientific's Fuse 5x20 8AT to keep your circuits secure and operational.

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