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BrandTech Scientific - Pipette - 26200

Macro pipette controller, 0.1-200mL, gray

Product Description:

This Macro Pipette Controller by BrandTech Scientific is designed to facilitate precision pipetting in the laboratory setting. It features a volume range of 0.1-200mL, offering versatility for various liquid handling tasks. The gray color adds a sleek touch to the device.

Equipped with user-friendly controls, this pipette controller ensures easy and comfortable operation, reducing hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions. The ergonomic design promotes a secure grip, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in pipetting processes.

Ideal for applications requiring larger liquid volumes, this pipette controller is a reliable tool in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories. Its compatibility with a wide range of pipettes makes it a versatile asset for scientific work.

Streamline your pipetting tasks with this Macro Pipette Controller from BrandTech Scientific, combining functionality and ease of use to meet the demands of your lab environment.


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