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Wall support accu-jet S

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CAT ID: 26539

MFR PART #: 26539

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Weight: 0.05 lbs

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BrandTech Scientific - Pipette - 26539

Wall support accu-jet S

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific Wall Support for Accu-Jet S offers a secure and convenient storage solution for the Accu-Jet S pipette controller. Designed specifically for the Accu-Jet S model, this wall support ensures easy access to the pipette controller while saving valuable bench space in the laboratory.

With a sturdy construction, this wall support provides a stable platform to dock the Accu-Jet S when not in use, minimizing the risk of accidental damage or contamination. By keeping the pipette controller within reach yet out of the way, the wall support enhances organization and efficiency in the lab environment.

Installation is quick and simple, allowing for immediate integration into your workspace. The sleek design of the wall support complements the modern look of the Accu-Jet S, creating a cohesive and professional appearance in the laboratory setting.

Streamline your pipetting workflow and optimize your workspace with the BrandTech Scientific Wall Support for Accu-Jet S.

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