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BrandTech Scientific - Pipette - 4720450

seripettor pro bottletop dispenser, 2.5-25mL

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific seripettor pro bottletop dispenser is designed for precision and convenience in the laboratory. With a dispensing range of 2.5-25mL, this dispenser offers accurate and reliable performance for a variety of liquids. The innovative design allows for easy and efficient dispensing, making it ideal for repetitive dispensing tasks.

This bottletop dispenser is user-friendly, featuring a smooth plunger movement for effortless operation. The telescopic filling tube adapts to different bottle sizes, ensuring compatibility and versatility. The seripettor pro also offers safety features such as a recirculation valve to prevent reagent loss and a replaceable valve system for cost-effective maintenance.

Whether you are working with acids, bases, or organic solvents, this dispenser provides exceptional chemical resistance, guaranteeing a long lifespan in the lab. Upgrade your dispensing experience with the BrandTech Scientific seripettor pro and benefit from its accuracy, ease of use, and durability.


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