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Empty rack for 200uL reload tips

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CAT ID: 5030094

MFR PART #: 5030094

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Weight: 1.18 lbs

Capp - Accessories - 5030094

Empty rack for 200uL reload tips

Product Description:

The Capp empty rack designed for 200uL reload tips provides a convenient storage solution for your laboratory. This sturdy rack ensures easy organization and access to your 200uL reload tips, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency in pipetting tasks. The rack is designed to securely hold the tips in place, preventing contamination and ensuring they are readily available when needed. It is an essential accessory for any lab working with 200uL reload tips, promoting a clean and organized work environment. Invest in the Capp empty rack for 200uL reload tips to optimize your pipetting processes and maintain a systematic approach to sample handling.

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