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aid Silicon Pipette Holder, BNW

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Capp - Accessories - PA-100TH

aid Silicon Pipette Holder, BNW

Product Description:

The aid Silicon Pipette Holder by Capp is a reliable accessory designed to securely hold pipettes, ensuring easy access and organization in the laboratory. Made of high-quality silicon, this pipette holder provides a soft and non-slip surface, preventing damage to the pipettes while keeping them in place.

Its universal design allows it to accommodate most brands and types of pipettes, adding convenience and flexibility to your work environment. The aid Silicon Pipette Holder is autoclavable, enabling sterilization for repeated use, promoting a clean and safe lab setting.

Ideal for busy labs and research facilities, this pipette holder offers a practical solution for storing and retrieving pipettes efficiently, streamlining workflow processes. Enhance your pipetting experience with the aid Silicon Pipette Holder by Capp, a durable and user-friendly tool essential for any laboratory setting.

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