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Tempo replacement disposable filter, 0.2um, 50 per Pack

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CAT ID: T100-FT50

MFR PART #: T100-FT50

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 1.18 lbs

*Manufacturer lead times may vary due to production delays, stock availability and weather conditions. If you wish to get information on alternatives, contact a Pipette.com Sales Representative

Capp - Accessories - T100-FT50

Tempo replacement disposable filter, 0.2um, 50 per Pack

Product Description:

The Tempo replacement disposable filters by Capp come in a pack of 50, with each filter having a pore size of 0.2 microns. These filters are designed as direct replacements for the Tempo series products, ensuring reliable filtration of particles and contaminants to maintain the purity of your samples.

Crafted with high-quality materials, these disposable filters offer convenience and efficiency in filtration processes within laboratory settings. The 0.2-micron pore size provides effective filtration without compromising the flow rates, making them ideal for various applications where sterile filtration is crucial.

Whether you are working with biological samples, chemicals, or other sensitive materials, these filters offer a dependable solution to meet your laboratory needs. Ensure consistent and reproducible results by integrating Capp's Tempo replacement disposable filters into your workflow. Trust in the quality and precision of Capp products to support your research demands effectively.

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