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Expell 0.1 mL PCR Tubes, 1000 per Bag, 20000 per Case

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CAT ID: 5100300C

MFR PART #: 5100300C

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Capp - Tubes - 5100300C

Expell 0.1 mL PCR Tubes, 1000 per Bag, 20000 per Case

Product Description:

These Expell 0.1 mL PCR tubes, designed by Capp, are available in bags containing 1000 tubes each, with a case containing 20000 tubes. These PCR tubes are essential for various molecular biology applications, allowing for precise and efficient handling of small liquid volumes. The high-quality polypropylene construction ensures durability and chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of laboratory tasks. With clear and accurate volume markings, these PCR tubes facilitate easy sample identification and tracking. The tubes are compatible with standard thermal cyclers, providing reliable performance during PCR amplification. Whether used for research, diagnostics, or testing purposes, the Expell 0.1 mL PCR tubes offer a convenient solution for PCR workflows, contributing to accurate and reproducible results in the lab.

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