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Axygen 20ul Filter Tips for P-20, 10000 tips/case

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Corning Inc. - Tips - TF-20

Axygen 20ul Filter Tips for P-20, 10000 tips/case

Product Description:

Axygen 20ul Filter Tips by Corning Inc are designed for use with P-20 pipettes. With 10000 tips included in a single case, this product offers convenience and long-lasting supply for your laboratory needs. The filter tips are ideal for applications requiring utmost precision in sample handling and measurement, ensuring accurate and reliable results every time. These tips are manufactured to high quality standards, providing a secure fit and a seal that eliminates the risk of sample carryover or contamination between pipetting operations. The use of filter tips helps safeguard both the pipette and the sample being handled, making them suitable for sensitive assays and experiments. Upgrade your lab efficiency with these Axygen 20ul Filter Tips, a dependable accessory that streamlines your pipetting process and enhances the overall workflow in your lab.

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