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Enduro UV Transilluminator, Single wavelength 302nm, 230V, EU and UK pluG

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CAT ID: U1001-230v

MFR PART #: U1001-230v

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 10 lbs

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Corning_Inc - Lab Equipment - U1001-230v

Enduro UV Transilluminator, Single wavelength 302nm, 230V, EU and UK pluG

Product Description:

The Enduro UV Transilluminator by Corning Inc is a specialized piece of equipment designed for laboratory applications. Featuring a single wavelength of 302nm, this transilluminator is ideal for various DNA and RNA visualization tasks. The unit operates at 230V and comes with both EU and UK plugs for versatile use in different regions.

With the Enduro UV Transilluminator, researchers can efficiently conduct gel documentation, nucleic acid analysis, and other molecular biology procedures with accuracy and ease. The 302nm wavelength offers specific UV light for the intended applications, ensuring reliable results. This transilluminator is a key tool for laboratories focusing on genetics, molecular biology, and related fields.

The compact design and user-friendly interface make the Enduro UV Transilluminator a valuable addition to any lab setting. Researchers can trust this high-quality product from Corning Inc to deliver consistent performance and support their scientific endeavors effectively. With its precise wavelength output and reliable functionality, this transilluminator is a must-have for professionals working with DNA and RNA samples.

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