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Drummond Pipet-Aid Portable, 220V Charger Included (UK)

Pipet-Aid Portable, 220V Charger Included (UK)

Product Description:

The Drummond Pipet-Aid Portable is a convenient solution for efficient pipetting tasks in the laboratory. This portable device includes a 220V charger, making it suitable for use in the UK. The Pipet-Aid Portable by Drummond is designed to provide a comfortable pipetting experience while ensuring accurate and precise liquid handling.

This device is easy to use and offers ergonomic benefits, reducing hand fatigue during extended pipetting sessions. The portable design allows for flexibility in various work environments, making it a versatile tool for lab technicians and researchers.

With the Drummond Pipet-Aid Portable, users can expect reliable performance and consistent results when dispensing liquids in their experiments. This charger-included model caters to the needs of UK-based laboratories, ensuring seamless operations without the hassle of sourcing additional power supplies. Streamline your pipetting tasks with the Drummond Pipet-Aid Portable for a reliable and user-friendly liquid handling experience.


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