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KIMBLE Distillation Column Packing Beads, 6 mm

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CAT ID: 13500-6

MFR PART #: 13500-6

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Weight: 3 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - 13500-6

KIMBLE Distillation Column Packing Beads, 6 mm

Product Description:

These KIMBLE Distillation Column Packing Beads with a diameter of 6 mm from DWK Life Sciences LLC are essential for achieving efficient distillation processes in laboratory setups. The small size of the beads allows for high surface area contact, promoting effective vapor-liquid separation. Crafted from high-quality materials, these beads are durable and chemically resistant, ensuring a long service life.

Ideal for use in distillation columns, these packing beads aid in maximizing separation efficiency and purity of distillate products. Their uniform shape and size enable consistent performance, making them reliable for various distillation applications. Whether you are working on essential oil extraction or refining solvents, these packing beads play a crucial role in achieving precise separations.

Upgrade your distillation setup with these KIMBLE Packing Beads to enhance the productivity and accuracy of your experiments. Invest in quality equipment that delivers consistent results and facilitates smooth distillation processes. Trust in DWK Life Sciences LLC's expertise to provide you with the tools needed to advance your laboratory operations effectively.

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