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Bottle Tag, for GL 45, Green Silicone

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CAT ID: 292432842

MFR PART #: 292432842

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Weight: 1 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - 292432842

Bottle Tag, for GL 45, Green Silicone

Product Description:

The DWK Life Sciences LLC Bottle Tag designed for GL 45 bottles features a green silicone construction. This tag provides a simple yet effective solution for conveniently labeling GL 45 bottles in laboratory settings. By securely wrapping around the bottle, it ensures easy identification of contents, reducing the risk of potential errors. The durable silicone material offers resistance to common laboratory chemicals and enables repeated use. This versatile tag enhances organization, streamlines workflow efficiency, and promotes a systematic approach to sample management. Compatible specifically with GL 45 bottles, this green silicone Bottle Tag from DWK Life Sciences LLC is a valuable accessory for any laboratory seeking to optimize processes and enhance overall productivity.

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