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KIMBLE KONTES Glass Chromatography Column, 75 mm, 2149 mL

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CAT ID: 420540-0750

MFR PART #: 420540-0750

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - 420540-0750

KIMBLE KONTES Glass Chromatography Column, 75 mm, 2149 mL

Product Description:

The KIMBLE KONTES Glass Chromatography Column by DWK Life Sciences LLC is designed to accommodate 2149 mL with a diameter of 75 mm. This column is ideal for chromatography applications, allowing for efficient separation of compounds based on their different interactions within the column. Crafted from high-quality glass, this column ensures chemical inertness and durability, maintaining the integrity of the samples being processed. The design enables easy packing and unpacking of the column, facilitating smooth workflow in laboratory settings. The clear visibility offered by the glass construction allows for real-time monitoring of the separation process. Whether used in academic research, pharmaceutical development, or industrial quality control, this chromatography column provides consistent and reliable results for your analytical needs. Upgrade your chromatography techniques with the precision and performance offered by the KIMBLE KONTES Glass Chromatography Column.

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