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KIMBLE Sterile Pasteur Pipette Non-Plugged, 9 in

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CAT ID: 63B95

MFR PART #: 63B95

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Weight: 10.38 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - 63B95

KIMBLE Sterile Pasteur Pipette Non-Plugged, 9 in

Product Description:

The KIMBLE Sterile Pasteur Pipette Non-Plugged, 9 inches in length, offered by DWK Life Sciences LLC, is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in laboratory settings. These pipettes come sterilized, eliminating the need for additional preparation, making them convenient for immediate use. The non-plugged design allows for flexibility in choosing the desired pipette tip according to specific experiment requirements.

Crafted with quality materials, these Pasteur pipettes ensure accuracy and consistency in transferring liquids, ideal for applications involving microbiology, cell culture, and other delicate procedures. The 9-inch length offers an extended reach, facilitating easy access to liquid samples within various vessels.

Facilitating efficient and controlled liquid transfers, the KIMBLE Sterile Pasteur Pipette Non-Plugged, 9 inches, proves to be an indispensable tool in scientific research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories. Trust in this product for precise and contamination-free pipetting, ultimately contributing to the smooth operation of your laboratory workflows.

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