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125 mL Btl, NM Bs Rd, LDPE Nat, Pe Lnr

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CAT ID: W221145

MFR PART #: W221145

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Weight: 3.4 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - Accessories - W221145

125 mL Btl, NM Bs Rd, LDPE Nat, Pe Lnr

Product Description:

The 125 mL bottle by DWK Life Sciences LLC is designed with a natural LDPE material and a polyethylene liner, ensuring compatibility with various substances. The bottle features a narrow mouth and a round shape, making it easy to pour and store liquids while minimizing spills and contamination risks. This bottle is ideal for laboratory applications requiring the storage or transport of liquids, chemicals, or samples securely. The LDPE construction provides durability and chemical resistance, suitable for a range of experimental or storage needs. The added polyethylene liner enhances the bottle's leak-proof capabilities, maintaining the integrity of the contents. Whether used for sampling, storing solutions, or general lab use, this 125 mL bottle offers reliability and convenience in a laboratory setting.

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