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100 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

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CAT ID: W348923-B

MFR PART #: W348923-B

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Weight: 18 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences 100 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

100 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

Product Description:

The 100 Vac Benchtop Roller Mini by DWK Life Sciences LLC is a compact and efficient roller mixer designed for laboratory use. With a voltage of 100 V, this benchtop roller ensures reliable and consistent mixing of samples. Its small size makes it ideal for limited bench space while still providing a powerful mixing performance.

This mini roller mixer is perfect for various applications such as mixing blood samples, liquid-solid suspensions, and gentle mixing tasks. The roller mechanism ensures uniform mixing by rotating tubes or bottles gently. This feature is invaluable for achieving homogeneous mixing results without causing any damage to the samples.

The 100 Vac Benchtop Roller Mini is a versatile addition to any laboratory, offering convenience and precision in a small footprint. Researchers and technicians can benefit from its user-friendly design and efficient mixing capabilities. Upgrade your laboratory workflow with this reliable and compact benchtop roller from DWK Life Sciences LLC.


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