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230 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

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CAT ID: W348923-D

MFR PART #: W348923-D

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Weight: 13.8 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences 230 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

230 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

Product Description:

The DWK Life Sciences LLC Benchtop Roller operates at 230 Vac and is designed to provide a compact rolling solution for various laboratory applications. With its small size, this Mini Benchtop Roller is ideal for laboratories where space is limited. This roller offers a reliable and easy-to-use platform for mixing samples in microplates or tubes.

The benchtop roller's gentle yet effective rolling motion ensures thorough mixing without causing excessive foaming or splashing. It is suitable for working with a variety of vessels, including test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and microplates, enhancing its versatility in different experimental setups. The Mini Benchtop Roller is equipped with a sturdy construction to provide stability during operation and minimize vibrations for precise mixing.

This roller is a valuable addition to any laboratory requiring consistent and uniform mixing of samples. Its intuitive design and efficient performance make it a valuable tool for research, diagnostic, or academic laboratories where space optimization and reliable mixing are essential. Trust the DWK Life Sciences LLC Benchtop Roller to streamline your mixing processes and improve overall laboratory productivity.


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