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240 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

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CAT ID: W348923-F

MFR PART #: W348923-F

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Weight: 18 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences 240 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

240 Vac Benchtop Roller, Mini

Product Description:

This 240 Vac Benchtop Roller by DWK Life Sciences LLC is a compact and efficient tool for various laboratory applications. With its reliable power supply of 240 volts AC, this benchtop roller ensures consistent and precise operation. The mini size of this roller makes it ideal for laboratories with limited space or for portable use.

Designed for ease of use, this benchtop roller is suitable for mixing, blending, and agitating samples in tubes or flasks. Whether it's in cell culture work, staining and destaining applications, hybridization procedures, ELISA, or Western blots, this roller provides a gentle yet effective mixing action.

The compact size does not compromise the performance of this roller. It ensures a smooth and quiet operation, minimizing disturbance in the laboratory environment. The sturdy construction and reliable motor guarantee durability and long-term use.

Overall, this DWK Life Sciences LLC Benchtop Roller is a valuable addition to any lab, offering convenience, reliability, and efficiency in sample preparation and mixing processes.


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