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Acura 815 Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettor 90, 1 Channel

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CAT ID: SA815-90

MFR PART #: W810026

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Weight: 1.1 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences - Pipettes - SA815-90

Acura 815 Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettor 90, 1 Channel

Product Description:

The Acura 815 Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettor 90 by DWK Life Sciences (Socorex) is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in laboratory settings. With a fixed volume of 90 µl, this pipettor ensures accurate and consistent measurements for various applications. The ergonomic design of the pipettor enhances user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions.

Constructed by a reputable manufacturer, DWK Life Sciences (Socorex), the Acura 815 guarantees durability and longevity. The single-channel configuration simplifies operation, making it ideal for routine pipetting tasks. Laboratories can rely on this pipettor for its efficiency and ease of use, contributing to increased workflow productivity.

Whether used for research, diagnostics, or analysis, this pipettor excels in delivering precise volumes with minimal effort. The Acura 815 is a valuable instrument for scientists and technicians who prioritize accuracy and repeatability in their liquid handling processes. Trust in DWK Life Sciences (Socorex) for quality equipment that meets the demands of modern laboratory environments.


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