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Pipette Stand 337, Mint Green

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CAT ID: W851356

MFR PART #: W851356

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Weight: 0.8 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences Pipette Stand 337, Mint Green

Pipette Stand 337, Mint Green

Product Description:

The DWK Life Sciences (Socorex) Pipette Stand 337 in Mint Green offers a convenient and organized solution for storing pipettes. This stand is designed to securely hold various types of pipettes, keeping them easily accessible during experiments or work processes. The mint green color adds a touch of style to the lab environment while maintaining a professional look.

With its stable base and durable construction, the Pipette Stand 337 ensures that pipettes are stored upright to prevent contamination and damage when not in use. This stand can accommodate multiple pipettes at once, making it suitable for busy labs where efficiency is key. By keeping pipettes within reach, this stand helps streamline workflow and enhances overall productivity.

Ideal for laboratories of all sizes, the DWK Life Sciences (Socorex) Pipette Stand 337 in Mint Green is a practical accessory that promotes organization and cleanliness. Whether you are working with single-channel or multi-channel pipettes, this stand provides a reliable storage solution that optimizes lab space and promotes good laboratory practices.


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