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Nose Cone, 60-100 & 50/75/100 uL

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CAT ID: 22336762

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Eppendorf Nose Cone, 60-100 & 50/75/100 uL

Nose Cone, 60-100 & 50/75/100 uL

Product Description:

This Eppendorf Nose Cone is designed for use with 60-100 µL pipettes, accommodating 50/75/100 µL pipette tips. Made with high-quality materials, this nose cone ensures precise and reliable pipetting in laboratory settings. The Eppendorf Nose Cone is easy to attach and detach, facilitating quick and efficient pipette tip changes during experiments. It is a valuable accessory for researchers, scientists, and professionals who require accurate and consistent sample handling. Upgrade your pipetting experience with this durable Eppendorf Nose Cone, designed to enhance workflow efficiency and ensure optimal performance in various lab applications.

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