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Bottom cm, 400, 500, 200/300/500

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CAT ID: 22338242

MFR PART #: 22338242

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Eppendorf Bottom cm, 400, 500, 200/300/500

Bottom cm, 400, 500, 200/300/500

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Bottom cm centrifuge rotors are designed for use with Eppendorf centrifuges and are available in sizes of 400, 500, and 200/300/500. These rotors offer high-quality performance and are ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. With their durable construction and precise engineering, they ensure reliable and efficient centrifugation of samples. The Bottom cm rotors are easy to use and provide a secure platform for sample tubes during centrifugation, minimizing the risk of spills or sample contamination. Whether separating cell components, isolating DNA, or performing protein purification, these rotors deliver consistent results. Upgrade your centrifuge setup with the Eppendorf Bottom cm rotors to enhance the productivity and accuracy of your lab processes. Trust in the renowned quality and performance of Eppendorf equipment to meet your research needs with ease.

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