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Piston, 60-100, 50/75/100, 10-100

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CAT ID: 22338609

MFR PART #: 22338609

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Eppendorf Piston, 60-100, 50/75/100, 10-100

Piston, 60-100, 50/75/100, 10-100

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Piston 60-100 is a versatile tool designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. With compatibility for volumes of 50, 75, and 100 µL, this piston offers flexibility in various applications. The adjustable range of 10-100 µL enables accurate pipetting of different sample sizes with ease. Ideal for research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical laboratories, this piston ensures reproducibility and efficiency in pipetting tasks. The high-quality construction of the Eppendorf Piston 60-100 guarantees durability and reliability. Upgrade your pipetting experience with this advanced piston, streamlining your workflows and enhancing the accuracy of your pipetting processes. Trust in Eppendorf for precision, quality, and innovation in laboratory equipment.

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