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Spring, 1-100 uL Std.pipet, Pkg/3

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Eppendorf Spring, 1-100 uL Std.pipet, Pkg/3

Spring, 1-100 uL Std.pipet, Pkg/3

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Spring Standard Pipette in the 1-100 uL range is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in laboratory settings. This package includes 3 pipettes, offering convenience and value for users. The pipette is designed to deliver accurate and consistent volumes between 1 to 100 uL, essential for various applications such as PCR preparation, sample dilution, and general pipetting tasks.

With its user-friendly design, the Eppendorf Spring Pipette ensures ergonomic comfort during operation, reducing user fatigue even during prolonged pipetting sessions. The spring-loaded system guarantees smooth and effortless aspiration and dispensing, contributing to both efficiency and precision in experimental work.

Constructed with quality materials, this Eppendorf pipette is durable and reliable, providing long-term performance for the laboratory. Whether in academic research, pharmaceutical development, or biotechnology applications, the Eppendorf Spring Standard Pipette is a versatile instrument that meets the demands of modern laboratory work.

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