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Piston, 300-500 uL, 3138005002

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CAT ID: 22356704

MFR PART #: 22356704

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Eppendorf Piston, 300-500 uL, 3138005002

Piston, 300-500 uL, 3138005002

Product Description:

This Eppendorf Piston is designed to accurately dispense liquid volumes ranging from 300 to 500 microliters. The piston model 3138005002 offers precision and reliability for various laboratory applications. Compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, this piston ensures smooth and efficient pipetting, contributing to consistent and reproducible results. Its ergonomic design facilitates comfortable handling during extended pipetting sessions. Ideal for use in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories, this piston enables users to dispense precise volumes with ease. Upgrade your pipetting experience with the Eppendorf Piston 3138005002 for unparalleled accuracy and performance.

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