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Spring, 300-1000 uL Std., Pkg/3

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Eppendorf Spring, 300-1000 uL Std., Pkg/3

Spring, 300-1000 uL Std., Pkg/3

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Spring pipette tips, with a volume range of 300-1000 uL, come in a standard size and are conveniently packed in sets of 3. These high-quality pipette tips ensure precise and accurate liquid handling for various laboratory applications. The spring-loaded design facilitates easy and secure attachment to the pipette, reducing the risk of tips loosening or leaking during use.

Designed for compatibility with Eppendorf pipettes, these tips guarantee a reliable fit and seal, minimizing the chance of sample wastage or contamination. The 300-1000 uL volume range covers a wide spectrum of volumes commonly used in molecular biology, microbiology, and other life science research fields.

Whether you are working with DNA samples, cell cultures, or other delicate liquids, the Eppendorf Spring pipette tips provide the efficiency and consistency required for successful experimentation. Trust in Eppendorf's reputation for precision and innovation in lab equipment to enhance your pipetting experience and ensure reproducible results.

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