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Sealing Ring, 120-250 uL Pipet

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CAT ID: 22357603

MFR PART #: 22357603

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Eppendorf Sealing Ring, 120-250 uL Pipet

Sealing Ring, 120-250 uL Pipet

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Sealing Ring for 120-250 uL Pipettes ensures a secure fit, preventing leaks and ensuring accuracy during pipetting tasks. This high-quality sealing ring is designed to fit Eppendorf pipettes precisely, maintaining a tight seal for optimal performance. Made from durable materials, this sealing ring is long-lasting and reliable, suitable for use in a laboratory setting where precision is essential. By using the Eppendorf Sealing Ring, researchers and professionals can trust in consistent results and maintain the integrity of their samples throughout the pipetting process. Upgrade your pipetting equipment with this essential accessory to enhance workflow efficiency and accuracy in various laboratory applications.

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