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Cone Holder F/120-1000 uL Pipet

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CAT ID: 22357905

MFR PART #: 22357905

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Eppendorf Cone Holder F/120-1000 uL Pipet

Cone Holder F/120-1000 uL Pipet

Product Description:

This Eppendorf Cone Holder is designed for use with 120-1000 uL pipettes. It is a practical accessory that helps securely hold the pipette cones in place during use, ensuring accurate and precise pipetting. The holder is easy to attach and detach, making it convenient for quick instrument setup and breakdown. It is made of durable materials to withstand everyday laboratory use. This Cone Holder enhances workflow efficiency by providing a stable platform for your pipetting tasks, reducing the risk of errors and increasing productivity. Upgrade your pipetting experience with this reliable Eppendorf Cone Holder for 120-1000 uL pipettes.

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