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Seal F/3190, 200-250 uL

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CAT ID: 22445359

MFR PART #: 22445359

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Eppendorf Seal F/3190, 200-250 uL

Seal F/3190, 200-250 uL

Product Description:

These Eppendorf Seal F/3190, 200-250 uL are precision-engineered accessories designed for use with the Eppendorf 22445359 series pipettes. The seals ensure a secure fit for accurate and reliable pipetting within the specified volume range of 200-250 µL. Made from high-quality materials, these seals provide a tight seal to prevent any leakage during pipetting tasks, maintaining the integrity of your samples and preventing cross-contamination.

Ideal for various laboratory applications such as molecular biology, microbiology, pharmaceutical research, and more, these Eppendorf seals offer users peace of mind when handling valuable or sensitive samples. Their compatibility with the Eppendorf 22445359 series pipettes guarantees a seamless fit and smooth operation, allowing researchers and technicians to perform their pipetting tasks with ease and precision.

Upgrade your pipetting experience with these reliable Eppendorf Seal F/3190, 200-250 uL, and enjoy the benefits of consistent performance, dependable results, and enhanced workflow efficiency in your laboratory setting.

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