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Nose Cone F/ 3190, 200-250 uL

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Eppendorf Nose Cone F/ 3190, 200-250 uL

Nose Cone F/ 3190, 200-250 uL

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Nose Cone is designed for use with the Eppendorf 3190 pipette, compatible with volumes ranging from 200 to 250 microliters. This precision-engineered nose cone ensures a secure fit for accurate and reliable pipetting operations in the lab. By using this genuine Eppendorf accessory, users can maintain the performance and longevity of their 3190 pipette.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this nose cone is durable and easy to attach, allowing for seamless integration with the pipette. It facilitates precise and controlled sample aspiration and dispensing, essential for various laboratory applications where exact volume measurements are critical.

The Eppendorf Nose Cone for the 3190 pipette is a valuable tool for researchers, technicians, and scientists working in molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and more. Enhance your pipetting experience with this genuine Eppendorf accessory that guarantees accuracy and efficiency in your daily lab work.

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