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Discch Coupling F/3190

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CAT ID: 22445545

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Eppendorf Discch Coupling F/3190

Discch Coupling F/3190

Product Description:

The Discch Coupling designed for the Eppendorf 3190 centrifuge facilitates secure and efficient sample processing. This precision-engineered coupling ensures reliable performance during centrifugation, providing a seamless connection between the rotor and the centrifuge unit. Crafted from durable materials, the Discch Coupling guarantees stability and safety, allowing users to spin samples with confidence. With easy installation and compatibility with the Eppendorf 3190 centrifuge, this coupling is an essential accessory for any laboratory conducting routine or research-grade centrifugation. Trust in the quality and expertise of Eppendorf to elevate your laboratory workflow with the Discch Coupling for the 3190 centrifuge.

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