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Sl.spring, Fv150-250, Adj250, 5pc

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Eppendorf Sl.spring, Fv150-250, Adj250, 5pc

Sl.spring, Fv150-250, Adj250, 5pc

Product Description:

The Eppendorf SL.spring pipette is designed with a variable volume range of 150-250 µl, with an adjustable increment of 250. This pipette model comes in a set of 5 pieces, ideal for various laboratory applications. The adjustable volume feature allows for flexibility in pipetting tasks, ensuring accurate and precise liquid handling. The SL.spring pipette by Eppendorf provides reliable performance and ergonomic comfort, reducing user strain during prolonged pipetting sessions. This model is suitable for research, pharmaceutical, clinical, and other laboratory settings where consistent and efficient pipetting is essential for successful experiments and procedures. With Eppendorf's reputation for quality and innovation in laboratory equipment, the SL.spring pipette set is a valuable addition to any laboratory seeking dependable and user-friendly pipetting solutions.

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