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Sl.spring, Fv300-1000, A1000, 5pc

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CAT ID: 22446398

MFR PART #: 22446398

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Eppendorf Sl.spring, Fv300-1000, A1000, 5pc

Sl.spring, Fv300-1000, A1000, 5pc

Product Description:

The Eppendorf SL.spring pipette set consists of 5 pieces of the adjustable pipette model Fv300-1000, with an adjustable volume range up to 1000 µL. This pipette set is ideal for precise and accurate liquid handling in various laboratory applications. Eppendorf, known for its quality and reliability, ensures that these pipettes deliver consistent performance. The SL.spring pipettes are easy to use, with a spring-loaded tip cone for quick and secure tip attachment. The adjustable volume feature allows flexible usage across different sample types and volumes. Overall, the Eppendorf SL.spring Fv300-1000 pipette set is a valuable addition to any laboratory seeking efficiency and precision in liquid handling tasks.

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