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Sl.spring, Fv1500-2500, A2500, 5p

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CAT ID: 22446410

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Eppendorf Sl.spring, Fv1500-2500, A2500, 5p

Sl.spring, Fv1500-2500, A2500, 5p

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Sl.spring Fv1500-2500 A2500 pipette tips are designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in the laboratory setting. With a volume range of 1500-2500 µl, these tips offer versatility for various applications. The pack contains 5 pipette tips, ensuring an ample supply for your experiments. Eppendorf is known for high-quality laboratory products, and these pipette tips are no exception, providing reliable performance and accuracy. The spring-loaded design facilitates easy tip attachment and ejection, streamlining your pipetting process. These tips are compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, ensuring a seamless fit for hassle-free use. Trust Eppendorf Sl.spring Fv1500-2500 A2500 pipette tips for your liquid handling needs, delivering precision and convenience in every application.

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