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Piston Seal 15-250 uLfv, 250adj

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CAT ID: 22446428

MFR PART #: 22446428

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Eppendorf Piston Seal 15-250 uLfv, 250adj

Piston Seal 15-250 uLfv, 250adj

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Piston Seal is designed for precise liquid handling in the 15-250 μL range, providing accurate and reliable performance. With an adjustable volume of 250 μL, this seal ensures flexibility for various laboratory applications. This component is essential for maintaining the integrity of your Eppendorf pipette, guaranteeing leak-free operation and optimal pipetting results. Enhance your pipetting efficiency and accuracy with the Eppendorf Piston Seal 15-250 μL, 250 adjustable, the ideal choice for laboratories requiring high-quality liquid handling solutions.

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