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Tip Ejector Spring, Pack Of 5

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Eppendorf Tip Ejector Spring, Pack Of 5

Tip Ejector Spring, Pack Of 5

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Tip Ejector Spring comes in a convenient pack of 5, ensuring you always have replacements on hand. Compatible with Eppendorf pipettes, these tip ejector springs provide seamless tip ejection functionality, promoting efficient and hassle-free pipetting tasks in the laboratory. Say goodbye to manual tip ejection and benefit from a more ergonomic pipetting experience with these reliable and easy-to-use ejector springs. Designed with quality and precision in mind, these springs are essential accessories for any lab utilizing Eppendorf pipettes. Streamline your workflow and focus on your research with the Eppendorf Tip Ejector Spring pack of 5.


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