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Cover For All Fixed Vol. 4800

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CAT ID: 22447157

MFR PART #: 22447157

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Eppendorf Cover For All Fixed Vol. 4800

Cover For All Fixed Vol. 4800

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Cover For All Fixed Vol. 4800 is a reliable accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your laboratory equipment. This cover provides a secure fit for Eppendorf fixed volume pipettes, ensuring optimal protection and cleanliness during storage or transport. The durable construction of the cover guarantees long-term use without compromising performance.

With this cover, you can effectively shield your fixed volume pipettes from dust, spills, and other potential contaminants, maintaining their accuracy and precision over time. The snug fit of the cover promotes easy handling and quick access to the pipettes when needed, streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency in the lab.

Whether you are working with sensitive samples, conducting experiments, or simply storing your pipettes between uses, the Eppendorf Cover For All Fixed Vol. 4800 is a practical solution to keep your valuable equipment in optimal condition. Invest in this quality accessory to safeguard your fixed volume pipettes and ensure consistent results in your research or routine laboratory tasks.

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